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Having An Apprenticeship Program Could Benefit Your Business

In the past, many traditional skilled jobs were learned through apprenticeships however, apprenticeships fell out of favour for a number of years and there was a bit of a dearth of skills in many sectors. Apprenticeships are now coming back into favour with great opportunities for young people to learn a skilled job whilst working. An apprenticeship programme gives both on the job training and theoretical instruction which gives the apprentice knowledge and skills.


Occupations where apprentices are taken on, are structured programmes where expertise and competence are taught. Traditionally these occupations included brick laying, plumbing, carpentry, mechanic and welding. All these professions require a great deal of proper training and years of practice to become a master which was why the apprenticeship schemes were so valuable. Employers sponsor apprenticeships and choose suitable candidates to train in their profession. It must be said that not every apprenticeship requires a high level of academic achievement and those who have practical skills will be able to take part. Not everyone is geared for academia and there is a always a place in society for hard workers with good practical skills. There are usually goals to achieve and apprentices will be rewarded with a diploma or certificate which is associated with that profession which gives credence to their hard work and training. This gives them the ability to have a great career within their chosen profession.



The length of time and type of training you receive will very much depend upon the apprenticeship you choose to do as some jobs require more skills and training than others. These days there are apprenticeships in virtually every type of profession including farming and forestry, construction, engineering, retail, IT, healthcare, tourism, sport and leisure, the media and business, so there is plenty to choose from. If you are thinking about an apprenticeship, reflect on what you are good at and what you enjoy doing as well as any skills or experience you already have which you could bring with you and make use of.


There are many benefits to apprenticeships for both the trainee and the employer. For the trainee, they are not only in paid work but are being given valuable training which will enable them to have a worthwhile career in their chosen job. The employer gets keen young people to train and work with them whilst often being given tax breaks by the government and this can encourage employers to give more young people the opportunity to come and work with them. Often upon completion of an apprenticeship, a full time job may be offered but if not, the now fully trained apprentice can be secure in the knowledge that they now have the knowledge and skills to take with them for their future employment.


Choosing to do an apprenticeship straight out of school could net you a starting salary of over £30k, an income whilst you learn, and the opportunity to avoid student debt that now reaches more than £44k on average, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

With National Apprenticeship Week 2015 underway, the spotlight is being placed squarely on all that apprenticeships have to offer.

Apprenticeships are paid,skills-based programmes which put students straight into a working environment, providing key practical knowledge that employers often find is lacking in university graduates. They have been significantly on the rise in recent years, with the number of people starting an apprenticeship growing from 279,000 in 2009/10, to 440,000 in 2013/14 according to recent figures.

Higher level apprenticeships (the top tier) in particular are becoming more prominent. They only started in 2006-07, with the Specification for Apprenticeship Standards now including up to level 6 and 7 apprenticeships, equivalent to Bachelor and Master’s degree level.

While the number of higher level apprenticeships is still small compared to university figures, the number of new starters increased 513 per cent between 2009/10 and 2013/14 – a rise that looks set to continue.

Many companies value apprentices greatly. Nigel Austin, Apprentice Capability and Development Manager at BAE Systems, where the Managing Director is an ex-apprentice, says that taking on apprentices “helps to secure a vibrant, skilled and fresh thinking workforce for the future”.

BAE Systems apprentices are well rewarded; higher level apprentices start their apprenticeship on around £18k, with a salary on completion in excess of £34k. Additionally, advanced level apprentices with the company – typically school leavers at 16 – can expect a salary of £28-29k on completion.

Joining a company through an apprenticeship can also translate to greater career prospects. At Rolls-Royce, 30 per cent of senior management were once apprentices, with the company offering apprenticeships in fields ranging from engineering to supply chain management.

A spokesperson for the company said:“once they have finished the scheme and secured a position within the business, successful apprentices can expect to earn upwards of £24k, depending on the exact role they go into”.

Sara Underwood, 22, is a recent ex- higher level apprentice at Rolls-Royce, who now works as a manufacturing engineer for the company.

She says that getting into Rolls-Royce early on has provided great scope to advance quickly within the company. She is currently going through the assessment process for the Assembly and Manufacturing Leadership Development Scheme, which targets those with leadership potential, with the aim being for participants to exit the scheme into a first level management role.

Read more here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/further-education/11457331/Apprenticeships-debt-free-at-23-and-on-a-30k-salary.html


Why You Should Consider The Burgess Configure-8 Conference Table

The Configure-8 Conference Table is another innovative product released by Burgess Furniture. What makes Burgess stands out from the rest of the competition is its continual new product

copyright Burgess Furniture

copyright Burgess Furniture

innovations. The Configure-8 table is designed by David Hill, and offers a stunningly superior look. The product is manufactured using anodized aluminium, which enhances its sleekness and great looking. The Configure-8 is ideal for any conference, meeting or board room. This article provides a comprehensive review of Burgess Furniture Configure-8 conference table.

The Configure-8 is lightweight and slim, which guarantees ease of handling. But the strength and durability of the table are ensured due to the anodized aluminium material used to manufacture the product. The largest table in the Burgess Furniture range weighs less than 25 kilograms and has a dimension of 180 X 75cm. It is rectangle in shape, which makes it ideal for meetings, board rooms and conference rooms.

The table tops are available in a wide range of quality laminate finishes. The table edges are elliptical and bull-nosed, which enhance the looks of the conference table. There are optional leg infill panels that can be chosen to match the color of the table. Each table contains a discreet linking clip so that you are able to join several tables together to match the layout of your conference room. The adjustable feet of the Configure-8 conference table will allow you to get the right level in any conference or board room.

The Flip-Top table is the latest product in the Configure-8 conference table range. This new table answers all the needs of the most demanding board and conference room venues in the country. It has a flip-top power and data module insert into the table. It is great for conference venues which lack space. The Flip-Top Configure-8 table can be folded into three pieces, and stored in echelon with the top in a vertical position. It offers a superior nesting system for all conferences and meetings.

The table has an anodized aluminium leg frame that is set out to the ends of the table. This enables the user to sit comfortably during a board meeting or a conference. Table top consists of laminate or real wood laminate finishes for you to choose from. The three millimeter radius of table edges consist of hardwood. The power sockets and data ports can be ordered to fulfill different country’s requirements.

The Configure-8 conference table is designed and manufactured by Burgess Furniture Ltd., which is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The company has more than 55-years of experience in the furniture designing and manufacturing industry. Quality, innovation and value for money are the three things that have set Burgess apart from its competition. This is one of the main reasons why you should purchase a Burgess Configure-8 conference table. It will definitely help enhance the look and feel of your conference, board or meeting room.

Some of the top corporate entities in the UK use the Burgess Configure-8 conference table in their premises. The reputation of Burgess, as one of the leading and quality furniture manufacturers in the country, is a major reason for the popularity of their conference tables. Their tables are strong, durable and quite affordable compared to similar products on the market. Whether you are attending a presentation in an auditorium or attending an important conference, a Burgess Configure-8 conference table will assure your total comfort.

The Configure-8 table is literally maintenance free. The laminate top needs no maintenance at all. Just wipe off any dust with a piece of cloth and nothing more. This is why many companies love to own a Burgess Configure-8 table. The majority of conference rooms in the UK possess Configure-8 tables due to this reason. Burgess was the very first company to design and manufacture the aluminium stacking banquet chair in Europe. This helped them set the industry standards in the field.

In conclusion, the Burgess Configure-8 conference table is a high quality product compared to similar products out there. It is made of highest quality material that ensures durability and lightweight. The product is quite affordable, and well-worth every penny you spend on it. This is why you should choose the Burgess Furniture Configure-8 conference table for your conference room.

Why A Garden Office Could Be The Answer

Maybe you have dreamed about going for a very short commute to work, through your backdoor towards the garden room you have placed in your garden? Even if you already work from  home, you may well be very pleased to have reduced the office clutter from your spare bedroom or dining room and have your own office space outside the house. This is just what you can find using a garden room office, in fact it is easier and cheaper to achieve than you might think.

You can purchase one of these brilliant buildings in much exactly the same way that you just order a whole new car. Pick from standard or customized buildings. Occasionally, they might be large enough for multiple rooms. As an alternative to spending money on renting an office, you might prefer to invest your money in building a garden room to use as an office.



Acquiring A Garden Room Office

The best course of action is usually to research garden sheds. These are typically not really sheds, however they are small manufactured buildings which can be turned into the proper room for various uses. Also, the word “shed” suggests something for storing garden tools in and not something that you would want to spend time working in. However, garden rooms are in fact upgraded garden sheds and you can have extra space which is comfortable, modern, insulated and fully serviced with electrics, water and phone line.

While many are actually quite rustic and have been designed to look like substantial log cabins, others are rather more pretty and look more like a chalet. Instead of detracting from your property, they should in fact, increase the value.  Furthermore you can work from a office at home, additionally you reach add living and working space to your home.

Garden Room Offices With Utilities

The truth is, many of these manufactured garden offices already are set up to hook up to utilities. Needless to say, you will likely need electric lights to use your garden office, even when it comes with windows. For a few people, running in electricity for lights, a tiny heater, or possibly a fan is plenty.

However, you will probably also need an Internet connection in nowadays. If the building is close enough to your home, you could possibly connect to a wireless connection to your residence. Otherwise, you may have to find the cable company turn out and run another wire. You could possibly go on a mobile device or laptop over to the spot in which you plan to put together your brand new office to try to have a connection from in your home.

If you are planning to use your new garden office all year, you will need to make certain you may also bring in some type of heating, as well as, cooling. That way you can are employed in comfort one year out of the year if you wish to. Should you plan to heat or cool the building, you can do this as the building will be insulated during construction.

Just How Do You Find Garden Buildings?

You will discover local distributors of the buildings, plus they might have examples put in place for display. Typically, you won’t buy one of these simple, but you will definitely get the opportunity to customize the structure the way you need it. Next, a purchase order is put in a high-tech factory that could make the exact pieces to your building.

Sometimes, several of these garden building companies already have put in place extensive websites. Simply look through different options, from small to large, and after that choose the basic model that you want.

Afterward, you may even have the capacity to add customizations. Often, by way of example, you may pick the type, number, and elegance of doors and windows. In the event you aren’t sure what you ought to choose, this is a great time for you to call the business and request them for more information.

Make sure you get a company with good customer satisfaction because you will likely have some questions to ask prior to buying, but the majority questions can get answered by email or over the telephone.

Erecting Garden Buildings

Timber garden buildingThese parts are delivered right to your premises. A crew can come buy and “build” your new office within a couple of hours. As opposed to expecting months to develop a regular office, it is possible to probably enjoy your office within a few days of making a purchase order.

In some cases, you may need to prepare the land where new office will likely be erected. Typically, the retailer offers a crew to achieve this job. However, they can also present you with instructions for your own personal crew. If you appreciate, you might even have the ability to perform work yourself. You could possibly base this choice upon the charge and the quantity of work involved. Your own ability to flatten the soil and lay out an effective foundation will also be considerations.

Why Not Explore Some Great Benefits Of Garden Room Offices?

Generally, buying a garden building will be the cheapest and quickest method to get a sturdy building set up on the property. However, you should not have to sacrifice durability and quality for price.

These buildings comes cheaper because most of the parts are pre-built in a factory which uses very efficient machines and techniques to make quality work. And also this means that they can get sent to your property in a short time. Besides supplying you with a handy place to work, the garden room office is yet another good idea because it can improve the area and value of your property.